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Cannoli Kitchen

The Cannoli and It’s Rich History

What is a Cannoli? A cannoli is an Italian pastry, from the Sicily region. You may hear it referred to as an Italian Cannoli or Sicilian Cannoli. It consists of a tube-shaped pastry shell that is a fried pastry dough. The tube is then filled with a creamy filling that generally consists of ricotta cheese […]

Top Pasta Dishes at Cannoli Kitchen

  Cannoli Kitchen is not only one of the best Italian Restaurants in Boca Raton offers a large variety of cannolis, pasta, pizza, and so much more. Our pasta selection features a variety of dishes that you are sure to love. If you are in Boca Raton and looking for an authentic Italian pasta dish, […]

Try One Of Cannoli Kitchen’s Traditional Italian Desserts

When looking for traditional Italian desserts in Boca Raton, you most likely will come up with limited options. Many Italian restaurants boast that they serve authentic Italian cuisine, but only one is truly the real deal. Cannoli Kitchen is your trusted go-to for authentic Boca Raton Italian food. We are an Italian restaurant in Boca […]

Italian Catering In Boca Raton Is Your Solution For The Holidays

The holidays can be an exciting time when family and friends get together and eat delicious food, but it can also be a stressful and overwhelming situation for the person who decides to host everyone. This year, ditch the hassle and try Cannoli Kitchen’s Italian catering in Boca Raton and the surrounding area. Cannoli Kitchen […]